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Strengthen family bonds while exploring national parks and rural villages, on foot and by bike. Watch kids improve communication skills and gain new perspective on life through hands-on activities with our staff and interactions with other Thai youth.
Trip Length

7-9 days

Best Time to Come

November-February / July-September

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Our family trips combine unique outdoor activities with authentic cultural experiences that all generations can get excited about. Beyond sheer pleasure, your vacation will ultimately be an active learning experience with lasting impact.

Kids, teenagers, and parents alike can’t help but be fascinated by seeing how other people live, and get inspired to interact with others in a way that transcends the boundaries of language and lifestyle.

Because our Thai staff has intimate knowledge of their surroundings and are totally family oriented themselves, they are the perfect vehicle to help open up a whole new world of adventure and self-discovery through shared participatory experiences.

On the way to caves we can pedal through small villages with bamboo stilt houses and join children underneath their homes in a game of marbles, or play bocce ball outside with the elders.

Before arriving at a spectacular 9-step waterfall, we might just venture out into the fields and have hands-on experiences like digging up tapioca root, or pedal through a plantation to a latex rubber plant and see where our shoes and car mats originate.

Coming back from a river adventure, we could visit artisans in their homes to see how baskets and brooms and hand-loomed items are made, or browse through markets where exotic produce and textiles are on display while the kids are entertained elsewhere.

After scrambling around ancient ruins at a UNESCO world heritage site, we’d love double back and park on the edge of a forested knob to wait for wild monkeys to emerge and gently take bananas out of our hands.

While the children are being taken on a sunrise bike adventure through rice paddies on dirt roads to the nearby reservoir, parents can sleep in or sip coffee on their balcony with a postcard-perfect view. Then later we might walk to a nearby temple and perhaps catch a novice monk undergoing his initiation ceremony.

If you’re looking for something more than a beach resort experience for you and your family, then this will be one of the most meaningful and fun family trips you’ll ever take.

You’ll find that rural Thai people here are genuinely interested in you and the joy of shared experiences, not what’s in your wallet. That frees up a whole world of opportunity to live in each moment.

Although we’ll treat you and your kids like royalty during your stay, they will still come back home kinder, more caring, and farther along in their eventual elevation into adulthood than ever before, with newfound appreciation for their lives and those of others.

Our Promise

This family adventure will be everything and more than you'd ever expect, and a trip you'll never forget. You'll have tons of quality time with each other and with our Thai staff, who you'll soon see how there's no need to be plugged in to life's frenetic lifestyle to grow in meaningful ways. This tour is for all families with children of all ages. You can rest easy as our staff involves and entertains you and your progeny. Even if you or your kids are not keen on exercise, they will be soon! Our outings encourage exercise through fun and frolicking!

What Makes This Trip So Special

Combining physical activity with new experiences in a foreign country is a fabulous way to immerse your family in a cultural adventure, but that’s not all. We think you and your friends and family will also love  your accommodations,  the food, our staff,  the waterfalls and rivers,  temples and festivals, traditional Thai massage, and the historical sites.

Trip Highlights

We adjust our activities according to the group vibe, but generally each day consists of:

  • breakfast by 8:30 – 9:30

  • sunscreen application by our staff

  • skating, biking or e-biking 5-10 miles or more to a waterfall, river, or swimming hole

  • fully catered picnic 

  • nap, swim, and/or hike

  • return by skating/biking or ride in the vehicle

  • refreshments and snacks upon return

  • relaxing massage

  • sumptuous dinner and dessert

  • big screen photo and video review of the day

In addition, we work in many other optional activities into our days, including but not limited to:

  • offering early morning alms to monks

  • visits to temples and festivals

  • shopping excursions

  • mid-session trip to Kamphaeng Phet’s museums and historical park

  • foot-soaking at a natural hot spring

  • journey to a remote ethnic hill-tribe village lost in time, Ban Vungkasang

  • bird watching and feeding monkeys

  • exploring caves at a mountain temple

  • hands-on experiences with farmers planting and harvesting crops

  • village visit to see a silversmith and traditional embroidery

  • hikes and scrambles to remote swimming holes and scenic view spots