Staff of Life

Our staff is the heart of who we are and will treat you like family. Locally born and bred, their nature is to nuture. Allow yourself to be pampered and doted upon like never before as they draw you into their world.

Playful, caring and attentive, our staff will put you at ease from the moment you arrive. You’ll get a bouquet, a cold something to drink, and a brand new name (since yours will probably be too hard to say for them).

You’ll meet your host Eddy, your hostess Jai and her sister Li Pao, Teng and Tahm (Jai’s niece and nephew), Pikun and Chai (sister-in-law and brother), Mai (childhood friend), Oom and Doy and Baht and Ten (neighbors and friends).

Our staff embodies the kindness of hardworking rural people. Get ready for a paradigm shift! Their open hearts will charm and disarm you as they immerse you in a whole different world of language, customs and culture.

We have a full-time kitchen and housekeeping team that stays behind and another crew of drivers and support staff that joins us on our outings.

Our staff usually outnumbers our guests, so you’ll invariably get far more attention than you ever bargained for, but just let go for once and let them spoil you rotten!

Get ready for a new normal. At Total Thai adventures, we may not have pressed linen and fold-down service with chocolates, but we try to make up for it with an engaging staff that exudes hospitality, heart and soul.

Useful Words & Phrases

jai dee = kind (literally "good heart")

kapun kap = thank you (said by men)

kapun ka = thank you (said by women)

mai buh lie = no problem

mai ben arai = it doesn't matter

sa wah dee = hello

sa wah dee don chao = good morning

non lap faan di = sleep well

tok long = okay

sa bai dee mai? = how are you?

sa bai dee = well

talok = funny

narak = cute

pood len = kidding, joking

ba = crazy

jai yen yen = relax

sanook = happy

chok dee = good luck