Skate Nirvana with Eddy Matzger

Indulge in wheeled wanderlust through the stunningly beautiful Thai countryside. Roll fully supported past fields of rice and enchanting temples on your way to pristine waterfalls and rivers in nearby National Parks. For all levels!
Trip Length

9 days

Best Time to Come

January 12-20, 2024

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Kamphaeng Phet is the perfect place to mix skating with an authentic cultural experience.

After thirty years skating the world, Eddy Matzger is eager to show you why this area of Thailand is his favorite place to roll on earth!

Happy to help improve your technique, teach you how to stop, or train for the next big event, Eddy will take you on the tour of a lifetime in the Land of Smiles.

We skate beautiful backroads to new destinations daily. The terrain is generally flat to rolling and suitable for all levels. No matter what your speed, locals will cheer you on!

There are optional challenging routes as well, especially the last pitches up to waterfalls and rivers. Grab on, or just pile in to the support truck!

You’ll picnic and play at amazing destinations before returning home for massage, merriment, unbelievable Thai food, video review, and a deep night’s sleep.

The 9 day Classic Trip has 7 full days of skating your heart out. We sandwich three days of touring with one “active rest day” in Kamphaeng Phet, ancient fortified capital city of Siam, where we glide around a centuries-old temple complex and dive deep into the past.



Our Promise

No matter what your pace, we never leave anyone behind! For larger groups we always have one vehicle up front and one towards the rear. Eddy loves to go back and forth and skate with everybody. This tour is for all enthusiasts, inline and quad skaters, and non-skaters alike (we also have a bicycle and e-bike option). Even if you know someone who's not keen on exercise, they can still have the time of their life coming along for the ride.

What Makes This Trip So Special

Skating is a fabulous way to immerse yourself in a cultural adventure, but that’s not all. We think you and your friends and family will also love  your accommodations,  the food, our staff,  the waterfalls and rivers,  temples and festivals, traditional Thai massage, and the historical sites.

Trip Highlights

We adjust our activities according to the group vibe, but generally each day consists of:

  • breakfast by 8:30

  • sunscreen application session by our staff

  • skating, biking or e-biking 5-10 miles or more to a waterfall, river, or swimming hole

  • fully catered picnic 

  • nap, swim, and/or hike

  • return by skating/biking or ride in the vehicle

  • refreshments and snacks upon return

  • relaxing massage

  • sumptuous dinner and dessert

  • big screen photo and video review of the day

In addition, we work in many other optional activities into our days, including but not limited to:

  • offering early morning alms to monks

  • technique practice on tapioca pad or temple grounds

  • visits to temples and festivals

  • shopping excursions

  • mid-session trip to Kamphaeng Phet’s museums and historical park

  • foot-soaking at a natural hot spring

  • journey to a remote ethnic hill-tribe village lost in time, Ban Vungkasang

  • bird watching and feeding monkeys

  • exploring caves at a mountain temple

  • hands-on experiences with farmers planting and harvesting crops

  • village visit to see a silversmith and traditional embroidery

  • hikes and scrambles to remote swimming holes and scenic view spots