Stretch Body and Mind

Find a myriad of magical settings to lay out your mat and get grounded in mindfulness. Integrate yourself with nature and nurture your soul with daily practice sessions.
Trip Length

7-9 days

Best Time to Come

Summer, Fall, Winter

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A mind free from all disturbances is yoga’s essence, and rural Thais seem to have figured out a way to transcend life’s worries and root themselves firmly in the practical ground of experience.

Our Thai yoga retreat is as much about assuming poses as mindful lessons about mastering life. We’ll integrate ourselves into daily life to discover how Thai people cope with life’s stresses with playfulness and smiles.

They practice their asanas daily as a matter of course, without ever going to a class. Firm in posture yet relaxed in spirit, they place their body in seated positions that cultivate awareness and concentration. Buddhists the world over call this meditative state of consciousness “Samadhi.”

Even as they sit to eat or banter, you’ll see Thais sitting cross legged with a preternatural sense of calm. If this is difficult for you, it’s probably the pose you need the most!

We’ll try to replicate these postures and the attendant mindfulness in a wide variety of different settings, in living temples and somnolent ancient ruins, under bold waterfalls and at tranquil viewpoints.

Our Promise

This will be an unforgettable retreat that exceeds your expecatations. It will open new avenues for growth and personal understanding of yourself and a different culture.

What Makes This Trip So Special

Finding amazing and serene locations to practice yoga and mindfulnesss might be the best part of this retreat, but that’s not all. We think you and your friends and family will also love  your accommodations,  the food, our staff,  the waterfalls and rivers,  temples and festivals, traditional Thai massage, and the historical sites.

Trip Highlights

Your retreat will be filled with too much to list here, but some high points include:

  • uncommonly beautiful locations to practice yoga

  • total immersion into Buddhist culture

  • authentic meals and beverages during your stay

  • daily therapeutic massage 

  • big screen photo and video review of  your day’s locations and activities, plus all pictures and videos provided to you on a memory stick at trip’s end

In addition, we try to work in many other optional activities for you, including but not limited to:

  • offering early morning alms to monks

  • visits to temples and festivals

  • shopping excursions

  •  trip to Kamphaeng Phet’s museums and historical park

  • foot-soaking at a natural hot spring

  • bird watching and feeding monkeys

  • exploring caves at a mountain temple

  • hands-on experiences with farmers planting and harvesting crops

  • village visit to see a silversmith and traditional embroidery

  • hikes and scrambles to remote swimming holes and scenic view spots