Ascend To A Higher Plane

Trek deep into National Parks and a remote mountain village. Discover the stunning beauty of the flora and fauna as you explore bamboo forests and back country waterfalls.
Trip Length

7 days

Best Time to Come

November-February / July-September

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Embark on challenging outings to untrammeled places. You’ll have to exert yourself to get there, but the rewards will be ample!

Our close proximity to the rugged National Parks of Khlong Lan, Khlong Wang Chao, and Mae Wong present a multitude of hiking routes and destinations.

We’ll trek up narrow single tracks to dramatic overlooks above waterfalls and bathe in the deep pools of mountain rivers to celebrate our accomplishment.

We’ll bushwack up mountains with local guides in search of bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and wild vegetables.

We’ll scramble up to the rooftop of the province, Chong Yen Mountain, at 1,429 meters, and revel in cool breezes as we peer out into Burma.

One of the most fascinating treks of this trip will be a hike into the back country to tour a remote mountain village lost in time, Ban Vungkasang.

Here, hill-tribe people continue living inside National Park boundaries, but are not allowed modern conveniences like running water and electricity. We’ll have a chance to meander through this village before setting off deep into the forest on footpaths to explore the hill tribe habitat.

Our Promise

No matter what your pace, we never leave anyone behind! For walking groups we always have at least one vehicle with air-conditioning stationed at strategic locations in case people wish to moderate their efforts. Our staff stays with both leaders and followers to make sure you have the best possible experience. This tour is for all walking enthusiasts, regardless of age or speed. Even if you know someone who's not 100 percent keen on walking, they can still have a great time bringing a pair of binoculars and moseying around while shuttling around in the van.

What Makes This Trip So Special

Hiking is a fabulous way to immerse yourself in a cultural adventure, but that’s not all. We think you and your friends and family will also love  your accommodations,  the food, our staff,  the waterfalls and rivers,  temples and festivals, traditional Thai massage, and the historical sites.

Trip Highlights

We adjust our activities according to the group consensus, but generally each day consists of:

  • breakfast by 8:30

  • sunscreen application session by our staff

  • hiking 5-7 miles to a water destination or through an historical site

  • fully catered picnic 

  • a nap or quiet time

  • bathing or swimming in mountain water

  • return to base in an air-conditioned vehicle

  • refreshments and snacks upon return

  • relaxing massage

  • sumptuous dinner and dessert

  • big screen photo and video review of the day

In addition, we work in many other optional activities into our days, including but not limited to:

  • offering early morning alms to monks

  • visits to temples and festivals

  • shopping excursions

  • mid-session trip to Kamphaeng Phet’s museums and historical park

  • foot-soaking at a natural hot spring

  • swimming at water destinations

  • journey to a remote ethnic hill-tribe village lost in time, Ban Vungkasang

  • bird watching and feeding monkeys

  • exploring caves at a mountain temple

  • visiting a latex rubber plantation and processing plant

  • hands-on experiences with farmers planting and harvesting crops

  • village visit to see a silversmith and traditional embroidery

  • challenging treks to scenic view spots