Boot Camp in Paradise

Get throttled into shape by professional athlete Eddy Matzger as he puts you through the paces for the races. Bring your training mates and push your limits as the pounds melt away.
Trip Length

9 days

Best Time to Come

November-February / July-September

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Training Camps

As a professional inline athlete with over 100 wins to his name during a 30 year career and counting, Eddy Matzger knows what it takes to excel.

His training camps provide a structured yet fun environment designed to get your group in shape and progressing rapidly towards your goals.

Unlike most coaches, who stand on the sideline blowing a whistle and barking orders, Eddy motivates by training with you side by side.

Both on and off skates, he will demonstrate, give time to practice, and participate in all the balance, technique, speed and strength drills that have helped propel him to victory so many times over the years.

It takes a special breed to work hard and tune out all the distractions of a vacation paradise, but if you can delay the gratification of  massage, food, and recreational activities for the meanwhile, you’ll make huge gains in fitness and technique that pay dividends down the road.

He’ll take you on supported road skates that might test your muscles and mental strength sorely, but all will be forgiven and forgotten after indulging in massage upon our return.

Or you might hoof it hard to the reservoir, but after a swim and a picnic chances are the discomfort will seem like a distant memory.

Coaches and skaters alike are welcome to attend and film our training sessions so they have a solid, detailed curriculum to use as a basis for training when they return.

Our Promise

This will be a trip with benefits you'll never forget. No matter what your level of fitness, we promise to get you into better shape while training in paradise! ​ This camp is for all athletes who wish to improve their technique, cardiovascular strength , and capacity for work. Our healthy food selections can help you reduce your body fat percentage if that's a goal too.

What Makes This Trip So Special

Skating, running and swimming are fabulous ways to get in shape, but that’s not all. We think you and your teammates will also love your accommodations,  the food, our staff,  the waterfalls and rivers,  temples and festivals, traditional Thai massage, and the historical sites.

Trip Highlights

Trip Highlights

We adjust our activities according to the group vibe, but generally each day consists of:

  • breakfast by 0800

  • ready for departure by 0900

  • skating, biking, running, or plyometrics

  • fully catered picnic 

  • nap, swim, and/or hike at a water destination

  • return by skating/biking to home base

  • refreshments and snacks upon return

  • therapeutic massage

  • sumptuous dinner and dessert

  • big screen photo and video review of the day

In addition, we work in many other optional activities into our days, including but not limited to:

  • offering early morning alms to monks

  • technique practice on tapioca pad or temple grounds

  • visits to temples and festivals

  • shopping excursions

  • mid-session trip to Kamphaeng Phet’s museums and historical park

  • foot-soaking at a natural hot spring

  • journey to a remote ethnic hill-tribe village lost in time, Ban Vungkasang

  • bird watching and feeding monkeys

  • exploring caves at a mountain temple

  • hands-on experiences with farmers planting and harvesting crops

  • village visit to see a silversmith and traditional embroidery

  • hikes and scrambles to remote swimming holes and scenic view spots