Enter Inner Peace

Instead of a resort hotel, you'll stay in an intimate garden retreat that's a super-deluxe homestay. Rather than health clubs, conference rooms and Tiki bars, we have pools, fountains, covered gazebos, and barefoot-friendly paths.

Only a stone’s throw from the bustling farmers’ market and nearby temples, yet nestled up against rice paddies and majestic mountains, our four spacious bungalow rooms, two detached houses, and large common areas can comfortably accommodate up to 14 adventure seekers at a time.

Rest easy. All  bedrooms and guest houses on this one acre spread have private entrances, air-conditioning, hot water showers, western style commodes, and high speed internet access. 

In front, there’s a large indoor dining and lounge space, a self-service coffee and snack station, and many shady outdoor nooks and sitting areas. 

Beyond the lush vegetation of the backyard is lots of flowing water, from which our town gets its name, Khlong Nam Lai. It’s a productive agricultural area, teeming with exotic flora and fauna. You can wander out to catch a dramatic sunset, or walk out and watch migrating birds stopping by for a snail snack (farmers love these birds).

With us you’ll alight and unpack and repack just once.  Venture out and explore by day, then  return to  the familiar, spacious, and comfortable surroundings of your home base by night.

Useful Words & Phrases

"in dee ton lap" = "welcome"

"khlong" = "canalized water, stream"

"nam lai" = "running water"

"hong non" = "bedroom"

"hong nam" = "bathroom"

"hong klua" = "kitchen"

"sabai" = "comfortable"

"suan" = "garden"

"dog mai" = "flower"

"guay mai" = "orchid"

"ton mai" = "tree"

"mai pai" = "bamboo"

"ma prao" = "coconut"