Bathe in Wonder

With such a great variety of awe-inspiring water destinations nearby, anticipation runs high each day. For some adventurers, it's their favorite part of the trip, and they vow to come back and explore some more!

Khlong Lan, Mae Wong, and Khlong Wang Chao are three nearby National Parks that cover thousands of square kilometers and form part of the mountainous border between Thailand and Myanmar.  These parks contain some of the last protected tiger habitat in Asia.

The numerous waterfalls and rivers that flow from the fertile forests are some of the greatest natural features of the region, and we’ll make a point of discovering a new one each day.

Khlong Nam Lai is the 9-step waterfall nearest to us, and is a favorite for its multiple cascades and giant towering trees at the base. Intrepid explorers will love climbing up higher than most people ever reach and plunging into private pools.

Kaeng Ko Yai are rapids along the Mae Wong river, forming the southern border of  Kamphaeng Phet province. Some of the scooped out rock formations are perfect for “cold tubbing” and others you can attempt to free climb and fail without consequence.

Kaeng Ka Roi  is another beauty for the sandy beaches along its placid banks downstream and the roaring rapids upstream which can only be reached by a rugged hike through the forest and a swim against the current through a narrow submerged canyon.

Khlong Suan Mak is the river which cleaves through the middle of Kamphaeng Phet and eventually joins the Ping River, which flows to Bangkok. There are some spots known only to locals which make for  lovely picnic and swim destinations.

Phet Ja Kho waterfall is perhaps the most wild and inaccessible nearby water feature because it requires a rather strenuous hike just to reach the base. From there, some choose to climb up the  face of the falls, others detour around through the jungle to the top, where a natural waterslide and deep pool await.

Chong Yen is a little-known waterfall located partway up the highest mountain in the province. We access it by scrambling and wading up the granite stream bed before swimming up a narrow gorge to the deep clear pool at its base. Climb vines on the cliffs and jump off from the top!

The Ban Vungkasang waterfall is an idyllic spot in a remote village located within the Khlong Lan park boundaries. The hill tribe people who inhabit this village don’t have electricity and gravity-feed ther water to their homes from pipes placed above these falls.

Khlong Lan waterfall is the largest and most famous in Kamphaeng Phet. 150 feet wide at the base and 300 feet tall, it’s so powerful you’ll get hit by strong gusts of spray as you approach the base. There’s a a natural water slide and a  hidden boulder cave you can swim to and enter.

The Khlong Lan Waterfall is the most famous water feature in Kamphaeng Phet, though you wouldn’t know it from the number of visitors on a weekday!

Useful Words & Phrases

nam tok = waterfall

mae nam = river

nam lai reng = strongly flowing water

suay ching ching = really beautiful

bai wai nam = let's go swimming

nam yen loei = the water's cool

nau mak = very cold

gadot = jump