Feed Your Soul

Savor flavor as you embark on a culinary adventure that will please your palate and keep you coming back for more. You'll probably agree with the endorsement of some of our past guests who have said that the food alone was worth the whole trip!

Thai food blends tastes and textures so harmoniously that it’s utterly captivating.

The combination of sweet, sour, spicy, and savory is music to your mouth and will probably have you going into the kitchen to learn how to make your favorite dish.

Our food is so delicious because we grow and source our food locally, and take great care in its preparation and presentation. You’ll discover the true meaning of  “farm to table” when you indulge in all the yumminess.

We aim to please each individual palate, and any special dietary requests are cheerfully prepared. We want to sure you have the fuel you need for each day’s adventure and the next, so every meal has a vegetarian/vegan option as well. 

If you’re not yet a fan of spicy food, we’ll tone it down and leave condiments off to the side so you can add the kick yourself.  However, if you want it totally Thai, then game on! Our staff challenges you to eat their version of  Thai food!

A selection of breads, omelettes, pasta dishes, cereals, fruits, nuts, local pastries and yogurts is also available at any hour.

You’ll have snacks in your room and there’s a coffee station and more things to nosh on in the common area, along with a refrigerator stocked with drinks and more.

The kitchen staff will never let you go hungry. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily. “Eat more!” is a familiar refrain you’ll hear from your cooks and servers, who might admonish you to jump up and down to pack it down and make room for more!

Useful Words & Phrases

kin khao = eat (literally "eat rice")

hew = hungry

aroy = delicious

ow ik = I'd like more

poh = enough

im leauw = full, satisfied

pet pet = spicy hot

pet gun bai = too spicy

ron = hot

kin yuh yuh = eat more

polomai = fruit

pak = vegetables

kanom wan = desert

kanom bahng = bread

me = noodles

kai gai = chicken egg

moo = pig, pork