Feel the Knead

Thai massage is truly a hands-on healing experience that you'll look forward to after every day's activities. Honestly, in hindsight, you might end up missing the massages even more than us!

Traditional Thai Massage was brought over from India by Buddhists 2500 years ago. It’s still a fundamental part of life here, where farmers labor intensely day after day.  

You’re going to be working hard each day too, and our therapists will use ancient techniques to soothe sore muscles, work out stubborn kinks, restore blood flow,  and improve recovery for your next day’s adventure.   

They’ll knead you and coax you into positions you never knew you could assume! Some refer to this type of massage as “lazy man’s yoga.” The emphasis is on stretching and warming up the body, similar to a yoga session, though if you don’t bend that way and prefer a lighter massage, you might just end up waking yourself up with the sound of your own snoring!

Although you’ll get plenty of teasers during the day,  every evening’s hour-long formal massage takes place in our cool and quiet massage room, or out in the garden if you prefer.  It’s easily one of the most anticipated and magical moments of each tired adventurer’s day!

Useful Words & Phrases

koon nuat = masseur/masseuse

sabai mak = that feels great

bao bao = more gently

reng kwa = stronger

chep! = that hurts!

di mak mak = very good

kapun mak = thank you

poong ni che kan mai = see you again tomorrow